Monero Dedicated Servers

Monero Dedicated Servers (Linux and Windows) where setting up any server comes with no fees and flexible monthly billing. Choose between metered and unmetered bandwidth options, featuring port speeds ranging from 100 Mbps to 10 Gbps. Easily manage your servers through our control panel, enabling reboots anytime, RDNS configurations and reinstalls.

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Control Panel

Our dedicated server control panel offers a range of features to enhance server management. You have the ability to set RDNS (Reverse DNS) yourself with a few clicks and the "Reinstall OS" feature simplifies the process reinstalling operating system. You can also control of your server's power operations with the options to start, stop, or reboot your server, all accessible through the control panel.

For monitoring purposes, the control panel provides comprehensive bandwidth usage statistics and graphical representations. These features offer insights into data consumption, aiding informed decisions regarding hosting resources.


Monero Accepted

We provide the opportunity to utilize Monero as a payment method for our dedicated servers. This alternative payment option grants users the freedom to carry out transactions using Monero, highlighting the importance of privacy and security in financial dealings.

To make a payment using Monero, simply follow the instructions provided during the checkout process. This choice reflects our dedication to expanding payment methods and catering to users who prioritize the privacy aspects offered by Monero transactions for their dedicated server services. We also accept many other cryptocurrencies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Monero Dedicated Server hosting provides users with dedicated access to a physical server, ensuring optimal performance, security, and customization for their hosting needs. With Monero as the payment method, users can enjoy enhanced privacy and anonymity in their transactions.

We provide a diverse range of operating systems for our servers. You can choose from a selection of Linux distributions, including Ubuntu, Debian and CentOS. Additionally, we offer Windows operating systems, including Windows 10, Windows 11 and Windows Server.

Delivery times for Monero Dedicated Servers vary based on availability and configuration. Usually, servers are delivered within 24 hours. For specific details, please contact our sales team.

Yes, you can reinstall your Monero Dedicated Server at any time using our control panel or by submitting a support ticket for assistance.

Yes, you can reset the password for your Monero Dedicated Server by contacting support.

IPMI access is available on select Monero Dedicated Server models. For confirmation, please open a support ticket.

The minimum billing term for Monero Dedicated Server hosting is one month. Longer billing periods may offer discounts up to 12%.

Reboots and power on/off operations are available on select Monero Dedicated Server models. For confirmation, please open a support ticket.