Monero VPS

High-performance Monero VPS hosting. Our servers boast SSD storage, DDoS protection and complete admin access. Whether you prefer Windows or Linux, our VPS supports both operating systems.

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Linux VPS

Supercharge your projects using our Linux VPS alternatives. Our flexible configurations, advanced security features and dedicated support team ensure high-performing hosting solution that perfectly matches your specific requirements.


Windows VPS

Gain full control with administrator access and experience rapid performance with fast SSD storage in our Windows RDP hosting. Unlock efficiency and responsiveness for your remote desktop needs.


Monero VPS Pros

Monero Accepted

A secure and private hosting venture with the added benefit of Monero payments effortlessly managed through our self-hosted BTCPay Server instane

Root Access

You have total control of your virtual private server environment with root access across all our linux distributions


Choose from a variety of server locations in the USA, Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands and Germany for optimal performance and flexibility

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Our Monero VPS hosting offers a secure and private environment for hosting your applications and websites. It allows you to utilize the privacy features of Monero cryptocurrency for payments, ensuring anonymity and confidentiality in your transactions.

We provide a diverse range of operating systems for our servers. You can choose from a selection of Linux distributions, including Ubuntu, Debian and CentOS. Additionally, we offer Windows operating systems, including Windows 10, Windows 11 and Windows Server.

Yes, we offer a money-back guarantee for our Monero VPS hosting. If you are not satisfied with our service within the 3 days refund period, you can request a refund, no questions asked.

Yes, you can reinstall your Monero VPS at any time through our easy-to-use control panel. This allows you to start fresh or switch to a different operating system with just a few clicks.

Yes, port 25 is open on our Monero VPS by default. Except for the €5 plan.

Yes, Monero VPS setup is instant. Once your payment is confirmed, your VPS will be provisioned automatically and you will receive your login credentials via email.

Yes, you can reset the password for your Monero VPS at any time through our control panel. Simply log in to your account, navigate to the VPS management section, and select the option to reset the password.

The minimum billing term for a Monero VPS is one month, providing users with flexibility, budget-friendliness, and easy scalability. Opting for longer billing periods is recommended, as it offers savings of up to 12%